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    No Nickel Supply Shortfalls in China, Shanghai Metals Market Foresees

    (August 21, 8:05) Shanghai Metals Market sees no shortage in China’s nickel market on small declines in NP...

    SMM Base Metals Market Daily Review (2014-8-21)

    (August 22, 3:08) The most active SHFE 1410 copper contract followed LME copper up to as high as RMB 50,470/...

    SMM Nickel Market Morning Review (2014-8-22)

    (August 22, 3:01) LME nickel prices opened at USD 18,873/mt overnight, with the high end of the price range ...

    China Nickel Monthly - July 2014

    China Nickel Exports Surge in June, Flowing to LME Warehouses; China Nickel Imports Down 10% in H1; Imports un...

    China Copper Monthly July, 2014

    Base metals strengthened in July on positive macro front, except copper. Worsening oversupply caused spot copp...

    China Iron Ore Weekly Monitor 20140819

    The Steelease price index tracking import prices ended at USD 93.84/mt last Thursday, down USD 1.92/mt on a we...

    China Aluminum Industry Chain Weekly 20140818

    LME aluminum rose to USD 2,056/mt early last week on technical support, but fell back to near USD 1,992/mt lat...

    2014 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference

    The annual conference, attracting over 1,000 market players in nonferrous metals industry each year, will bring togeher the best of brains to share their insights and unique perspectives. It is a golden opportunity you shoud never miss. | Nov 23 - 24, 2014

    2014 (9th) Lead & Zinc Summit

    9 Years of experience in conference arrangement, 17 Years of industry engagement, 500+ participants, most popular communication platform in lead & zinc industry H1 2014! | May 21 - 24, 2014

    2014 (7th) Nickel Summit

    The 2014 SMM Nickel Summit offers you insights into China’s nickel markets in 2013 and 2014, allowing you to have a better knowledge of supply and demand as well as the entire industry chain of nickel. | Mar 21 - 23, 2014


    SMM China Copper and Aluminum Summit had broad influence and famousness, and it becomes a famous international conference brand step by step in China. About 800 participants will attend the conference every year where you can meet some potential business partners. | Mar 19 - 21, 2014

    Metal prices


    Product Price Average Change Date
    Copper 49800-49550 49675 95 Aug 20
    Yangshan Copper 100-85 (USD/mt) 92.5 0 Aug 20
    Aluminum 14260-14220 14240 130 Aug 21
    Lead 14500-14350 14425 125 Aug 21
    Zinc 16910-16810 16860 240 Aug 21
    Tin 142000-140500 141250 0 Aug 21
    Nickel 130600-130300 130450 850 Aug 21

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    SMM Index (Unit:RMB/mt) Aug 21 , 2014