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    LME Copper to Swing Widely Next Week, SMM Says

    (July 30, 5:24) LME and SHFE copper will both trade in a wide band next week as positive and negative fac...

    Zinc to Fall Further Next Week, SMM Foresees

    (July 29, 8:11) LME zinc is expected to slide to $2,120-2,200 per tonne next week, and SHFE October zinc w...

    Aluminum Stocks in China Still in Downward Track, SMM Says

    (July 29, 2:48) Aluminum stocks in China’s five major markets are still on the decline even after touchi...

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    • Russia Iron Ore exports surged 37% in May
    • The trade statistics released by the Customs Committee of Russia indicate that iron ore exports by the country recovered sharply during the month of May this year.
    • Jul 29 2016


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    Metal prices


    Product Price Average Change Date
    Copper 37790-37650 37720 -220 Jul 28
    YangShan Copper Premium 50-40 (USD/mt) 45 0 Jul 28
    Aluminum 12630-12590 12610 130 Jul 28
    Lead 13450-13350 13400 0 Jul 28
    Zinc 16890-16790 16840 -250 Jul 28
    Tin 121500-120000 120750 250 Jul 28
    Nickel 80500-79900 80200 550 Jul 28

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    SMM Index (Unit:RMB/mt) Jul 29 , 2016



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