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    Operating Rate at China Copper Smelters Hits Highest This Year; Copper Supply Sets to Swell

    (September 23, 10:39) The average operating rate at copper smelters rose to 91.15% in August, its highest this y...

    Will Rebounds Following Better-than-Expected PMI Data Continue? SMM Interviews

    (September 23, 6:50) Base metal market staged price rallies on Tuesday after HSBC’s China manufacturing data ...

    Tightening Supply to Drive Up China Alumina Prices

    (September 23, 4:58) Tightening alumina supply in China means that the recent upward trend in alumina prices is...

    China Aluminum Industry Chain Weekly 20140922

    Base Metals Consolidate as Fed Likely to Raise Rates Sooner, but Full Deposit Reserve Ratio Drop in China Unli...

    China Lead Weekly 20140922

    Scrap Battery Inventories at Chinese Secondary Lead Smelters Rise in September; Thin Profits Cause Chinese Scr...

    China Base Metal Briefing 20140922

    Base metals prices are expected to move sideways this week pending manufacturing data releases from China and ...

    China Copper Weekly 20140922

    Base Metals Consolidate as Fed Likely to Raise Rates Sooner, but Full Deposit Reserve Ratio Drop in China Unli...

    2014 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference

    The annual conference, attracting over 1,000 market players in nonferrous metals industry each year, will bring togeher the best of brains to share their insights and unique perspectives. It is a golden opportunity you shoud never miss. | Nov 23 - 24, 2014

    2014 (9th) Lead & Zinc Summit

    9 Years of experience in conference arrangement, 17 Years of industry engagement, 500+ participants, most popular communication platform in lead & zinc industry H1 2014! | May 21 - 24, 2014

    2014 (7th) Nickel Summit

    The 2014 SMM Nickel Summit offers you insights into China’s nickel markets in 2013 and 2014, allowing you to have a better knowledge of supply and demand as well as the entire industry chain of nickel. | Mar 21 - 23, 2014


    SMM China Copper and Aluminum Summit had broad influence and famousness, and it becomes a famous international conference brand step by step in China. About 800 participants will attend the conference every year where you can meet some potential business partners. | Mar 19 - 21, 2014

    Metal prices


    Product Price Average Change Date
    Copper 49050-48450 48750 -725 Sep 22
    Yangshan Copper 105-90 (USD/mt) 97.5 0 Sep 22
    Aluminum 14150-14110 14130 -130 Sep 22
    Lead 13750-13600 13675 -100 Sep 22
    Zinc 16350-16250 16300 -270 Sep 22
    Tin 141000-139500 140250 750 Sep 22
    Nickel 121200-120800 121000 -3950 Sep 22

    Base MetalsSemisAlloysPowdersPrecious MetalsMinor MetalsMetal CompoundsRare Earth MetalsSMMI

    SMM Index (Unit:RMB/mt) Sep 23 , 2014