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China International Nickel & Manganese Industry Chain Development Forum
74 views · Jul 15, 2022
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China International Nickel & Manganese Industry Chain Development Forum_07-14_22652
China International Nickel & Manganese Industry Chain Development Forum_07-15_41443

Forum Compere: Gao Chengjun, Founder & CEO of Rongzhi Nonferrous

Yu Xiaodan, Manganese Industry Analyst, SMM

Meeting Agenda:

July 14, afternoon

13:30-14:00 Nickel and the Sustainable Battery Value Chain

Speaker: Dr. Mark Mistry, Senior Public Policy Manager, Nickel Institute

14:00-14:30 How the Fire Process Nickel Refining will Break the Situation in the Context of Carbon Neutrality

Speaker: Gao Chengjun, Founder & CEO of Rongzhi Nonferrous

14:30-15:00 Status Quo and Key Technologies of High-pressure Acid Leaching Process of Laterite Nickel Ore

Speaker: Ma Baozhong, Professor and DoctoralSupervisor, University of Science and Technology Beijing

15:00-15:30 Sichuan Shunying Ternary Precursor Integration Project

Speaker: Zheng haiqiang, General manager, Sichuan Shunying Power Battery Materials Co.,  Ltd.

15:30-16:00 Sustainable Response to the Challenges of Growing Nickel Demand

Speaker: Evgeny Semakin, Metals Market Regional Analyst, Norilsk Nickel

16:00-16:30 Shanghai Lingang New Area Policy Promotion Conference

16:30-16:55 Special Membrane Technology Helps the New Energy Materials Industry Save Energy and Reduce Consumption

Speaker: Sichuan Lvwo Innovation Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd

16:55-17:15 The Differentiated Development Path of Nickel Salt Manganese Salt under the Background of Ternary High Nickelization

Speaker: Lingying Zhang, Senior Analyst in the Nickel Market Industry, SMM

17:15-17:35 Global Nickel Industry Development and Price Forecast 2022-2026

Speaker: Wang Cong, Big Data Director, SMM

18:30-20:30 Reception Dinner - Changhong Green Night

July 15, morning

09:00-09:30 Stainless Steel Raw Material Market and Stainless Steel Supply and Demand Analysis

Speaker: He Siyao, Stainless Steel Industry Analyst, SMM

09:30-10:00 Changes of Dimanganese and Tetramanganese in the Lithium Manganate Market

Speaker: Li Hui, Secretary General of the National EMD Innovation Committee

10:00-10:30 How will the Pyroclatic Nickel Smelting Process Break the Game in the Context of Carbon Neutrality

Speaker: Gao Chengjun Rongzhi Nonferrous Founder & CEO

10:30-11:00 Overview and Outlook of the Manganese Market

Speaker: Liu Yinzhi, Analyst, Yongqing Group

11:00-11:30 Global Manganese Price Forecast 2022-2026

Speaker: Yu Xiaodan, Manganese Industry Analyst of SMM

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